Tiny Light Bulb Hacks


Tiny living is all about reusing and recycling old material on hand.  Turning old unusable items and repurposing it into something completely new is an environmentally conscious way to live.  Not only do you shrink your carbon foot print, you also are opening your mind to the possibility of creating something new and amazing.  Here are some bright ideas that will brighten up and lighten up your tiny house.

For the Chef…

A neat way to use light bulbs in the kitchen is for holding all the different spices.  Not only are the light bulbs a perfect see- through container, but they are a useful way to keep track of all your spices in the kitchen.  In addition, you could easily hang these using some string to the bottom of your kitchen cabinet, or hang them on spice rack- convenient and within reach of the stove.


Treat yourself to a classy pair of salt and pepper shakers that can grace your dining room table.  With a little bit of paint you can create an colorful pair of shakers that will add some fun to any meal.  Or leave the light bulbs clear and create a modern and classic aesthetic that let you contrast the light and dark finely milled spices.


Have a Green Thumb?

One cool way to reuse your old light bulb is to turn it into a vase.   Not only chic and interesting, but you can sustain plant life with a bit of water in your vessel of choice.  Ready to up your game?  Tie some string or twin to your light bulb and create a hanging vase.  Put it on your porch or in your bedroom to add a little bit of nature and color into your life.


Another great way to recycle an light bulb is to create a mini terrarium.  Not only is a light bulb a perfect way to watch your little plants, you can decorate it to your aesthetic.  From filling it with colored sand to dirt and customizing the number and amount of succulents that you want to have in your terrarium.


For the home decorator…

Turn your old light bulb into a cute centerpiece at the dinner table or a cool piece of art to decorate your house with this adorable light bulb topiary with holiday colors during the winter or with accent colors to offset your tiny house color pallet.


Looking for cute ways to spruce up your tiny house for the holiday without breaking the budget? Check out these adorable light bulb ornaments that are easy to make and help usher in the holiday spirit.