Best Privacy Dividers For Your Tiny House

Room dividers, privacy screens and partitions are all great ways to create a sense of privacy in a small space.  These useful dividers can assist in designating defined living spaces that suits your needs and lifestyle in a tiny house.  Best of all, these temporary partitions come in all shapes and sizes.  Choosing the right divider for your tiny house is not hard at all.  Here are some amazing dividers that not only serve duel purposes, but are stylish enough to fit your tiny house aesthetics.

The kitchen is the perfect place to have a small mobile kitchen island.  Not only can this little island offer extra storage space, but it also can offer additional prep space.  Two people in the kitchen might be tight, but since a mobile kitchen island has wheels, it can easily be transported to the dining/family room area and can be used as a desk or outside onto your tiny house deck to serve as an extra table for silverware or drinks.  Looking for inspiration, check out Better Home & Garden’s Small Space Kitchen Island Ideas to find the perfect kitchen island that will best suit your aesthetic in your tiny home.

Having a fold out couch in your family room of your tiny house that serves as a guest bed is a great way to maximize living space in your tiny house.  But turning your family room into a guest bedroom can be inconvenient especially in the morning, when your guest are still sleeping and you are trying to make breakfast.  That is why a screen partition is a great investment that not only serves as a temporary divider, it also allows your guest privacy and turn your family room into a second bedroom without any hassle.  Not only can it be moved to other parts of the house to serve perhaps as a convenient changing room or help add a little privacy to an outside shower, it can also be a lovely work of art that can be a statement piece in your tiny house.

A rolling storage cube  is a versatile and can serve as an excellent makeshift partition to turn your tiny space into a sophisticated dining room or later into a fun game room.  Depending on the size and height of your storage cube, it can potentially turn into a great bench seating for extra guest or serve as a coffee table for your tiny house.  For taller cubes, it can be an extra table for any additional guests or can be wheeled over to a corner and serve as a makeshift office space.

For exposed bedroom lofts in a tiny house, a square chest, trunk or small dresser with no legs can serve as a a privacy partition that not only is fully functional for storing clothing but offers a modest sense of privacy.   In addition it is a relatively affordable way to spruce up your loft.  Check out Do It Yourself to learn how to DIY caster wheels (that lock) can allow for an easy, non-hassle way to move your partition when no longer needed.