Small Wind Turbines for Tiny Living

Interested in taking your tiny house a step further to become more self sufficient and want to harness your own source of power?  I have a great solution for you.  Wind turbines are a great eco-friendly way to take advantage of the environment and assist in power your house all in one.  This is a great opportunity to take a step closer to live self-sufficiently or to simply lower the cost of utility bills.

Your first question might be: What are small wind turbines?

Small wind turbines are classified as anything under 30 feet which generally generate an average of around 20 kW at 25mph.  Of course the actual generating power depends on the brand and model of your turbine.

What types of wind generator would be ideal for a tiny house?

One tiny friendly option are marine wind turbine  which can be used individually or combined with solar panels and create a hybrid system.  eMarine System is an excellent site that can walk you through what type of marine wind turbine system would best suit your lifestyle.

Another great wind turbine is the Micro Cube.  As the name implies, this wind turbine is only a mere 9 inches (smaller than your average basketball) perfect for tiny living! This turbine has a variety of models ranging from 9-14 inches and comes with a 1 kilowatt generator.  Interested in learning more about this tiny turbine?  Check out American Wind Inc. to learn more about this inventive product.