Tiny Grocery Bills


It is so easy to blow the budget when food shopping, although tiny living may afford you the opportunity to splurge a bit more and buy that expensive cheese or go out a bit more on a daily basis- think about how much you could be saving if you used that beautiful modern and tiny kitchen right in your own home!  Tiny living is all about financial freedom and minimal living, but that does not equal minimal cooking.  Here are some amazing ways you can save even more money on your next grocery bill.


Tip #1: Prepare in advance.   Living tiny means limited space- both prep, cooking and storage.  I know that the idea of “meal prepping”, making a huge batch of the same food and storing it in containers is rather trendy, but tiny living may not afford you the luxury to do such due to space constraints. Have an idea what days you are going to be super busy and have in mind an easier meal to cook.  Crock pots are a great way to throw together a great meal that can cook itself and be ready by the time you get home.


Tip #2: Take time out of your day to read the ads.  Whether you do it on your mobile phone or physically the newspaper ads, look at the grocery store ads and take advantage of what is on sale.  Take advantage of the sale prices and buy those particular fruits and veggies.  It may not be your favorite, but it will assist in shrinking your grocery bill.


Tip #3: Check out your local farmers market.  Not only are you guaranteed to go home with fresh produce, it might be cheaper than your local grocery store!  You also will not be tempted to buy extra unwanted products, compared to browsing your local grocery store chip or cookie isle.


Tip #4: Visit discounted grocery stores such as Food Maxx, Grocery Outlet, and (even sometimes) Walmart for affordable groceries.  Just be careful and watch out for expiration dates.  Items that keep longer such as canned goods or dry foods have a better shelf life even after the sell by date in comparison to fresh fruit and produce.


Tip #5: Do not be scared to experiment and try new recipes.  Bored of your go-to chicken and rice dish, spice it up by looking up recipes in a cook book or online.  Not only are there tons of fantastic recipes on the internet, but you could discover your new favorite dish.