Furnishing A Tiny House


Going tiny requires sacrifice.  With a smaller space comes less cleaning (bonus) but also less storage for clothes, less living space for furniture, etc.  But some amazing upsides to going tiny include smaller utility bills and lower cost of living (overall).  An exciting part of going tiny is focusing on what is important and getting rid of things that are not.  Besides focusing on the type of lifestyle tiny living allows it is also important to focus on the practicality.  Buying new decor and furniture can be expensive.  Other life style changes that is encouraged when going tiny include access to fresh herbs and vegetables which allows for more cooking to be done at home.  Here are some quick and easy thrifty tips to stay under budget when living tiny!

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    Check Craigslist: Yes, it may take some work to find free/cheap furniture, but you would be surprised by how many people are willing to give away perfectly good stools, which you can revive with a simple coat of paint.  Curious and do not know how?  Just check out HGTV’s cool tips on how to revive kitchen chairs and stools!

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    2. Visit your local thrift store: Each thrift store has its own hacks and some days might be extra discounted!  Goodwill is an obvious choice for cheap furniture, but Savers (partnered with Hope) also has amazing deals from special savings for club card members to special 50% day deals for certain items such as furniture, home decor, shoes, etc.

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    Ask family and friends: Simply asking family members to dig into their garage for their old furniture that and piling up dust in the corning of their garage is a win for parties.  As you help clear up some storage space for them, while you get some free decor or furniture to spruce up your new tiny house for free.

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    Social Media: From checking Facebook to using specific apps, you can find your dream furniture without any hassle.  OfferUp is an mobile app that is a hybrid between Cragslist and Instagram.  It allows users to find local listing for used items such as furniture, decor, cars, etc. It is safer in that all users are verified and allow you to message a user directly through the app instead of handing out personal information.

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    Hit up discount home furnishing stores: Not really into used furniture, but not ready to pay department prices?  Stores such as Ross,HomeGoods, TJ Max and Marshalls have a limited, yet discounted array of modern furniture that can be perfect for your tiny house.  Not only is it brand new furniture, your wallet will thank you too!