Craziest Tiny Houses

Crazy Tiny House

When you think tiny house, a picture of an adorable cottage style or log cabin vibe tiny house comes to mind.  But tiny houses can come in all shapes and sizes, literally.  Thanks to its small stature and affordable build budget, some people have gone the extra mile to make their tiny houses truly unique.  From living in a boot shaped house to all glass, I have rounded up what I believe are the top five craziest tiny houses that are sure to surprise and astonish anyone.

Counting down from number 5…

5. Named “‘Le Nuage” aka The Cloud, this tiny house was built in 2010 and located in Lormont, France.  Shaped like a cloud, this shelter is actually open and available for the public to rent and sleep in for the night.  With its unique architectural feature, this house is sure to be a conversation starter!

Le Nuage


4. Ufogel House in Austria  is another interesting architectural designed house.  Built on a hillside, this rentable house  boasts of panoramic views and serves as a relaxing retreat for anyone interested in getting in touch with nature.  With its angled appearance, stilted foundation and large glass windows, this house is sure to be considered a unique find!


3. The Glass House (aka the Snow House) is a beautiful, modern, breakable tiny house.  Created by  Carlo Santambrogio and designer Ennio Arosio, this duo created an astonishingly sleek see- through housing.  Made compeltely out of glass, this elegant structure’s arcitecture and build is up for sale.  Ranging from 98 square feet to almost 980 square feet in size, this completely glass square house was meant to showcase and give one the full immersion into nature.

The Glass House


2. The Exbury Egg was created and lived in by Stephen Turner.  Located in the South of England, this house is shaped as a huge egg and houses Turner’s workshop and living quarters.  The shape of the egg is symbolic as it encompass the idea of life and serves as an experiment to see how the shape holds up in different weather patterns.

Exbury Egg

1.The Crazy Boot House based in Huntsville Texas was created by Dan Phillips of Phoenix Commotion.  Architecturally, this house is shaped as a giant brown boot and is available for people to rent and live in.  This house fits two bedrooms and one bathroom as well as a cool roof top deck.  The design and material of the house was built environmentally friendly with reclaimed material for both the flooring and the walls.