Types of Minimalist


There may be a preconceived notion of what a minimalist looks like, acts or even behaves.  Just because you are planning on going tiny does not mean that you have to follow a status quo.  Living minimalistically can not only be freeing but can also teach you a little bit more about yourself.  Like many things in life, minimalist come in all different shapes and sizes.  Here are a few minimalist which I have categorized.

  1. Financial minimalist. these people are focused on cost of living and want to minimize their spending.  Perhaps they are trying to save more or do not want to live beyond their means.  these minimalist are trying to be financially savvy and are looking out for their future by cutting down on frivolous spending and putting that in the bank.

2. Minimalist with meaning.  These types of minimalist focus on themselves and finding true importance in everything they own.  Meticulously they go through everything they own and determine if it has deep meaning to them and worth holding on to.   They also reflect this in their own life, such as picking out meaningful and useful gifts to friends and family that will actually be of use.


3. Affordable minimalist. Those that are not doing it for financial reasons but for practical reasons.  They see the upside of living with less and understand that they can afford to get rid on things they really do not need or do not use often- but can always re-buy it if necessary in the future.