Tiny Houses Around The World


Tiny can be a great option when traveling abroad or moving to another country.  Whether you are looking for a vacation home that will not stretch the budget or wanting to relocate to a new place, going tiny and choosing a tiny dwelling may be the perfect fit for your lifestyle.

A popular tiny house show that I enjoy watching is called Tiny House World by the network FYI.  Not only does this show follow individuals or couples pursing a life-long dream of living abroad or owning their own home outright in a new country.  From Australia, to England to many more destinations, this show takes international living to a whole new level.  It exposes you to various challenges when deciding to buy a tiny dwelling in a new country along with the rewards of being able to own your own home.  From being a newly independent adult and owning her own home, to a family of four relocating to a new country, this show is intriguing and exciting to watch- especially if you are interested in visiting new places and exposing yourself to new cultures.

Curious and want a sneak peek?  Check out this cool clip of the show that gives a taste of what Tiny House World is all about!