Alternative Tiny Houses


There are lots of different options when downsizing and if you are intrigued by the tiny lifestyle there are plenty of ways to tailor tiny living to suit you.  Perhaps you live near a large body of water and want to feel more connected, or travel is a big part of your lifestyle- any of these alternatives are great ways to still embrace the minimalist lifestyle tiny living offers, but perhaps in a more unique way suited just for you.

  1. Houseboats are a fantastic way to live tiny and are great for those with an affinity to water, or perhaps live on an island or near an ocean.  It is great for those who love the water. It is similar to a tiny house in that it is mobile (in the water) and if you want a new view every night, you can sail from port to port and wake up to a new place.  Docking fees to park your house boat overnight, is similar to a RV trailer site fee for a tiny house.  Like a tiny house, be prepared to pair down your belongings and enjoy living in a small space with only your essentials.  Although it can be quite pricey, houseboats can be a great investment for those looking to live life near the water and can be affordable if you are willing to look purchase a used house boats.

2. Yurts can be a great alternative to tiny living.  Have your own property but are not interested in building a permanent dwelling on it?  Affordable and easily transportable, this option could be the right one your lifestyle.  Not only is a yurt customization, but it is a warm sturdy structure that can withstand the elements which can be great for those living in harsh climates worried about structural durability and warmth.



3. Tree houses are magical, wondrous structures that can connect you better to nature.  Not only are you guaranteed beautiful views  every morning, but tree houses can be highly customization to your tastes and preference.   It can also be affordable if you want to tackle this project yourself, although you should probably brush up on your zoning and permit laws before beginning this project!  These structures generally tend to be small due to being high up, but utilizing vertical space, you can still live comfortably without compromising too much of your material possessions.

Tree House


4. Bus/van converted houses are a smart way to turn your vehicle and house into one.  No need to worry about how you will transport your house because it is a all-in-one packaged deal!  This type of living is great for those who love to travel and explore the world but do not want to worry about how to tow their tiny house.  Not only is the converted space cozy and comfortable, but you could do it yourself and save a ton of money.

Bus Conversion


5. Vardos are a charming throw back to Romani people who traveled around in a living wagon or caravan drawn by horses.  Often very beautiful and colorfully painted, these wagons are a true work of art.  Although these elegant homes are no longer pulled by horses, the detailing, elegant woodwork and craftsmanship still make these type of house on wheels a distinct and one-of-a-kind structure.