Doing Laundry Tiny


Ever wonder how do tiny house dwellers have the space to put a gigantic washer and dryer in the tiny house?  The answer is… they do not use a regular sized washer and dryer, instead- like most things in a tiny house, they use a magically specially sized appliance that can do both.  Introducing the washer/dryer combo, perfect for tiny houses and small enough to fit comfortably in a tiny house.Where does this unit go in a tiny house?  Well, that is up to the discretion of the home owner, if they really want they can put it in the middle of their living room.  The most practical places this tiny washer/dryer combo unit is placed in a tiny house is under the kitchen counter or if you are looking to be a bit more discrete, in the bathroom.  Both are popular places to put the unit due to the convenient water hook up (thanks to the sink/shower) and can fit snugly next to the toilet or under the counter.  As for drying, you could use the unit in colder seasons, but air drying by adding a clothes line outside your tiny house dwelling, or inside your tiny house can really help stretch the longevity and lifespan of your clothes.

What about self-sufficient, off the grid tiny houses who either do not have or want a water hook-up, what do they do?  There are also some great manual washer options.  You heard me, we are going old-school.  The Wonderwash is a fantastic and compact five pound manual washing machine that uses zero electricity and is powered by your own hand.  Another option is the Drumi, a foot powered washing machine that also refrains from using any electricity.  Note, both these options do not have a dryer component, so look forward to some air drying.