Mobile Versus Foundation Tiny House

Mobile Tiny House |

Within tiny houses, there are two main types.  Mobile meaning it was built on a trailer bed as the foundation and therefore can be hitched up to a vehicle and is movable.  Tiny houses with a foundation is similar to traditional homes in that they have a solid (non-movable) foundation but is still under 500 square feet.

Mobile tiny homes are great for home owners looking to travel and want to bring their homes with them.  It could be for leisure reasons or a job requirement, either way- the option of bringing your house on the road with you can be very appealing.  It is the security going home that makes this option popular among tiny home owners.  On the downside, if you do decide to invest in a tiny mobile home, states have not recognized tiny houses and parking laws have caused some problems for tiny home owners.  Another issue is home security.  Most tiny houses do not have alarms or home security systems installed.  This can be a dangerous and although it is rare, stealing a tiny house is not only taking your house, but all of its contents.  Meaning that there is a risk of loosing everything you own.

Tiny houses with a solid foundation are useful for people who are interested in investing in a plot of land (perhaps a couple acres) surrounded by nature.  Or perhaps you already live on a large plot of land but want to downsize.  The “big house” can be rented out for a source of income while the tiny house could be your resident.  Another upside is the fact that you take advantage of the vertical space and high ceilings to make your tiny house feel larger and more spacious.  On the downside, you obviously cannot move your tiny house and depending on your residential state, some do not recognize zoning laws and regulations in regards to tiny houses.