Tiny House Decks

Rooftop Deck http://bit.ly/2mMWz2Y

In a tiny house outdoor space needs to be taken advantage off.  Part of the beauty of  living in a tiny house is enjoying and incorporating the outdoors into your every day life.  Imagine sipping a cup of coffee watching the sun rise, the glorious view is framed by two large redwoods as you are awaken by the sounds of nature.  Or perhaps you are more of a night person and star gazing is your passion.  Looking up at the nighttime sky can be magical from the rooftop deck of your tiny house.  In an case, here are some great tiny house deck additions for your tiny house.

1. Adding on a wooden deck to any tiny house gives the tiny house some much needed square footage as well as a great place to socialize and entertain friends and family.  For a  tiny house with a solid foundation, this seems like a no- brainier.  But for a mobile tiny  house this seems nearly impossible.  Fear not, an attachable deck can be built onto a tiny house.  This type of deck will be welded to the side of your tiny house and with screws and a hinge, you can easily unfasten the deck and let it down whenever you want.

2. Not ready for to commit to a wooden deck?  No problem, building a small porch for your tiny house would add some beautiful architecture to the tiny house and allow you a small space to perch outside your tiny house for some air, or to enjoy the scenic view under the comfort of your own roof.

3.  If you decide a rooftop deck is the way to go, be sure to make plans to have a flat square roof to your tiny house.  That way, you have an flat even surface for lying down, admiring the stars or have a small party on your rooftop!  Just be sure to adhere to the regulations if you decide to add railing to make your tiny rooftop deck safer.