Planning for Pets in a Tiny House


Living in a tiny house is challenging, bringing along your four legged friend can seem daunting.  How can you leave behind your best friend?  In order to figure out if tiny house living can work for both you and your pets, you need to consider the following…

  1. How big is your four legged friend?  Living in a small space with a large dog can be challenging.  Dogs sometimes do not have any spacial awareness and may love to jump on you as soon as you walk through the door, or follow you to the bathroom.  Will a eighty pound dog or fifteen pound cat be comfortable to roam such a small square foot print?
  2. What is your pet’s energy level?  Do you have a rambunctious younger pup who gets excited every time you simply pet him/her?  Do they love barking at anything that moves?  Will they be able to contain themselves when you are out?  Perhaps you need to invest in a movable fence or some type of enclosed space for your pet to run around in. Another option is to make sure you have access to a trail or park to walk your pet on the daily.
  3. Where do you plan on putting their crate/dog bed/ litter box?  With such a small house, every square inch counts.  You really have to prioritize what your needs and wants are.  There are some creative furniture you could purchase or make yourself that can incorporate their crate into a table or tuck away their litter box under the stairs, but will your pet
  4. How accessible is your house going to be for your pet?  Will your dog be able to climb up the loft to your bedroom?  Is there a perch for your cat to look out the window?  All these need to be taken into account when purchasing or building the tiny house of your dreams.