Gardening and Tiny Go Hand in Hand


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Worried about having to give up gardening?  Or perhaps you are wondering how difficult it would be to grow your favorite vegetables or potted plants.  The good news is, there are plenty of options to plant, grow and scratch that green thumb itch.

Pocket Garden  Source:

A eco-friendly, sustainable and cheap way to build your own garden in a tiny house is to do a pocket garden!  Not only can it liven up a wall in your tiny house, it utilize untouched vertical space in your tiny house. Interested in creating your own herb garden, to have fresh spices to cook with?/Pick up one of these gunny sacks with a sewn in pouch to section of your herbs and have a wide variety.





Planter Box | Source:

Still not convinced?  Window boxes not only give your tiny house a more homey feel, but it also looks great to add a pop of color and is easy to make.  Simply purchase or build your own  planter box to mount below the window of your tiny house.  The best part about these planter boxes are their affordability and  uniqueness to choose whichever plants or vegetables you want!