4 Tiny House Storage Hacks

Toe Kick Drawer http://bit.ly/2nbGzVY

Desperate to hid that bulky winter coat, or not enough closet space in your tiny house?  Think that tiny living means living minimally.  Do not worry, there are some easy and clever ideas to help give you all the storage you need in your tiny house.

  1. Install drawers under the dead space below your kitchen counter, or even bathroom counter. Also known as toe drawers, these drawers literally pull out from the bottom of your cabinets.  Although the drawers may be shallow, they can fit flat or small items such as cookie sheets, small hand towels, or knick-knacks that can clutter up your tiny house.
  2. Under the seat storage. Have a built-in bench or breakfast or window seating nook in your tiny house?  Well guess what, that lovely seating can also double as a storage bin to stow away blankets, pillows, clothes and whatever else you need room for.
  3. Have or want stairs in your tiny house? Under the stairs storage is a real thing and can be a life saver for those lacking closet space, or need somewhere to put your gadgets.  Built in shelving or cubby holes can be built into the side of your staircase and helps utilizes the dead space under the stairs.  Those lovely built in shelving can display family photos or hid away thick winter coats.
  4. Have a little space under your floorboards? Great, you can add a trap door and put all your outdoor activity equipment or extra seasonal clothing under the floors and no one will be the wiser.