Making Exterior Decisions

Tiny House Siding

As the saying goes, first impressions are everything.  So whether you are merely considering, building or buying your own tiny home here are some thoughts to keep in mind when deciding on a type of siding for the tiny house of your dreams.

When choosing the siding for your exterior, it is important to take into account many different factors.  One important one is the environment the tiny house will be endure.  Whether that is snow, extreme heat, rain, this will help determine the type of durability you will need for your house.  Another factor is mobility, if this is a house you plan on taking on the road with you, it might be wise to choose a material that is light weight and travels well.   Personal style also needs to be taken into account.  Are you looking for more of a modern chic look or is traditional more your style?  Some tiny house owners look at the sustainable factor.  Interested in an eclectic look, use reclaimed wood to give your house some character as well as cut down on material costs.