Maximizing Tiny Counterpace

Vertical Kitchen Space

In a tiny house, space matters- especially in the kitchen.  Here are some tips to help maximize your tiny kitchen and still have room to cook your favorite meals.

Multifunctional kitchen gadgets are your friend and defiantly worth the investment.  From items such as this useful scissors  to these very useful kitchen utensils with built in strainers- these are simple ways to find multiple uses in every day kitchen items.

Vertical space is your friend.  If there is extra wall space above your counter (below your upper cabinets or floating shelves) or even next to the counter, you can use it to your advantage.  From installing hooks to hold mugs or grabbing a wall mount to hang your pots and pans, will not only free up your limited cabinet space, but force you to evaluate how many pots and pans do you really need to cook with.  Lastly, buy a sink cover to help utilize the space over the sink.  Although it may not seem like a lot of space, it will help stretch your small countertop and help utilize the most of your kitchen