Toilets for a Tiny House

Tiny House Toilet

We all need to do it.  Let us get straight into it, living in a tiny house means not much space.  So not only do you have to be mindful of the type of toilet you buy, there are other factors that must be considered when choosing your throne.  Some people enjoy going tiny to be self-sufficient which means living off the grid, this type of lifestyle means that your toilet will not be your traditional sewage hook-up flushing toilet.  Here are some different types of non-traditional toilet options when choosing to go tiny.

The incinerating toilet, this fire machine can be a pricey option ranging from $1,500 and up, this machine gets rid of your waste via burning and turns it all into ashes.  On the down side, this toilet has been known to leave some rather unpleasant odors and does need a lot of energy to function.

The all popular compostable toilet has a more affordable price range between $900 up to $2,000- this type of toilet breaks down your waste automatically in a unit underneath the “toilet”.  Odor is controlled with automatic fans installed in the unit- so no worries about the smell.  The only complaint about this toilet would be its large size.  It can make a small space feel cramped and hard to maneuver in.

The most affordable option is the dry toilet ranging between $400 to $500.  The appearance is like a regular toilet and it is lightweight and easy to carry.  There is a liner that covers the bowl and every time you “flush”, the over bowl collapses and the liner over the bowl twists and is neatly wrapped and stored in the base of the toilet, until ready to be taken out.