Tiny Kitchen Ideas

Tiny Kitchen |http://bit.ly/2n9wlbS

Tiny houses often do not have much room, let alone space for a functioning kitchen.  Here are some tips to make your tiny kitchen space saving and efficient. 

First let us talk color.  Due to the small square footage you are working with, a great way to brighten up your kitchen space is to choose a bright color such as white! Not only is it a neutral color, leaving the walls white and choosing white cabinetry can bright up the space and make it feel more spacious.  Worried about it being too sterile?  Never fear, you can add pops of color with décor pieces, kitchenware and towels.  Another tip is having floating upper shelves instead of upper cabinets.  It is just as functional for storing dishes, glassware and can also display pretty knickknacks and décor to liven up the kitchen.  A butcher block to hold your knives can be bulky and take up unnecessary amounts of limited counter space in a tiny house.  Grab a magnetic strip and glue it to the wall above the counter and let your knives stick to the strip!  Now you knives are right there when you need to cook!